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Zolaria Evaculated Tube Collector Solar Water Heater

An energy conservation product from Global Power Solutions, Zolaria Solar Water Heater. Global Power Solution has been at the forefront to the solar business for over 20yrs NOW. The most advanced in solar water heaters are made from high-quality components and come with international technology. The evacuated tube collector system facilities high efficiency absorption and utilization of solar energy with minimum heat loss.


Working Principle

Sunlight incident on the vacuum tube passes through the outer transparent glass strikes the outer surface of the inner glass tube with selective coating . This glass tube which acts like a black body and having copper coating absorbs the radiation and gets heated up in the process. The presence of vaccum between the two tubes prevents heat loss to the surroundings.

Thermo Siphonic effect 

(Natural Convection)

Water is lower in density and there for has a tendency to rise up. Cool water from the tank flows down to replace the hot water facilitating circulation by thermo siphon. Through this process the entire water in the storage tank heats up and ready for use.

Features of Zolaria Solar Water Heater

Hot Water Insulated Storage Tank

  • Inner tank is made of 316 L grade food grade corrosion resistant stainless steel and be used in hard water area up to 1000PPm. 
  • Outer tank – magnetic mirror finished 430 stainless steel and hence rust free.
  • 50 mm puf insulation between tanks provide vheat retention up to 48 hours ( 2 days). 

Evacuated Tube Collector

  • The  evacuated tube collector is made of borocilicates glass containing three layer coating. The inner with graded Al/An selective black chrome and copper facilities excellent heat absorption and minimum heat emission.

Support Frame 

  • Galvanized Iron with powder coating Fastners- All fastners used stainless steel 304 (Nut & Bolt) Interface between dismilar mater materials – special silicon rubbers.

Annual savings on electricity bills (Sample chart)

Electricity consumed for heating 100 liters of water in a 25 Ltr electric water heater

4.65* x300(sunshine days)

1395 x 6.5 (rate / unit)

4.65Electric unit/day (approx)

1395 Electric unit

9068 (approx)

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